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The Women's Recovery  Center of Tampa Bay, Inc. (formerly known as Women's Resource Center) WRCTB or the Center, has been providing quality assistance for women individually along with mothers and their children and families in Pasco County since our opening in 2004. We received our non-profit status individually in 2005.

What we do

Our mission is to help women, mothers and children during troubled times. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to assist in teaching and guiding them thru 7 steps to positive change which are the basic fundamentals of WRCTB;

  1. Acceptance of my situation;

  2. Awareness of why I am where I am;

  3. Education on positive change;

  4. Personal development from the inside out;

  5. Working with a mentor to develop a positive course of action;

  6. Learning to develop & apply resources for making a positive change in my life;

  7. Taking responsibility for my life, facing my life with the confidence to want to make it better.

When we face our circumstances and realize how we got to the point of needing assistance, we then learn from our experiences to make positive change in our lives. These changes affect our outlook and add the element of hope. Sometimes just accepting the responsibility of our errors and accepting that change by being educated in life skills helps us face tomorrow with a brighter and better solution. It helps make our lives both richer and more rewarding.

Sometimes they just need a safe haven to regroup, be nourished and be educated on how to make a positive change in their lives that will remain with them throughout.  Most women served by WRCTB have been victims of domestic violence, addiction and/or homelessness. Many have been raised in dysfunctional homes where chaos is a way of life.

They must first come to the realization their life is not functioning as it should. Then they must want & be willing to change. They must find a safe haven in which to re-group and have the time available to re-think and correct these often repeated behaviors.

Our approach teaches respect for themselves, others, God and our nation.

Our History

"Some of My Best Friends" (SOMBF) began as a single parent co-op and support group in 1986. After an emotional divorce and no where to move with her 4 children, Susan, the founder, decided to spearhead this organization. That is: providing a place so that mothers with children don't have to separate while in transition, as she and her children had to do. Under the name, "Some of My Best Friends", Susan began holding support groups in her home in Seminole County, FL. The group later expanded into Orlando, FL in 1995.  

In 1998, after moving to Tampa Bay, Susan expanded her ministry to include women in prison. She took an interest in the children of the incarcerated and started a summer camp for at-risk children. 

Begining with children 6-18, male and female, she eventually narrowed it to at risk girls, ages 12 - 18.  At camp, they learned how to rough it, have fun and to get along with others. They also learned about God and living at peace with others no matter their circumstances.

Under the auspices of the National Heritage Foundation SOMBF became a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization in 2000.

After applying for grant monies in 2004 she was informed that she needed a facility. A building was obtained that same year and the doors were opened to the homeless women and children of New Port Richey, FL. 

Women flooded into the shelter with their children.  There were 6 bedrooms, a full nursery and classes for learning.  Again, monies were applied for, only to be told that an additional 501 (c) (3) was needed. Having obtained that status in July 2005 the Women's Resource Center of Tampa Bay, Inc. (WRCTB) was born with help from Attorney Jennifer Paullin.

The doors of the WRCTB were opened in January, 2005.  In 2009 the name was officially changed to "Women's Recovery Center of Tampa Bay, Inc."

Owner, Founder, Director: Susan Eubanks

WRCTB is managed by a Board of Directors.

In January, 2008, Susan was elected President of the Board by the previous board. Laura Byrnes has served as Secretary Elect since February, 2008. Valvadee Dejunkorn is Treasurer and Andrea Fischer serves in the capacity of Marketing/Public Relations Director.


  • "Women of Peace" - 2004
    • Given to Susan in 2004 this award recognizes women from all over the world who are working to bring peace to their communities.

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